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Sweet Zombie Jesus! Jun. 25th, 2007 @ 11:21 pm
I'm getting flabby, and need to work out more. That, or maybe I'm just getting old. I don't know for sure, but I do know that this weekend was just a little too crazy. Friday was dinner at Azteca again to see Jo, and then just a massive amount of cleaning the house. Saturday morning/afternoon we did some yard work before I headed out. Lauren's b-day was great, and I got to see lots of people that I wish I saw more often. Hopefully that's going to be changed soon though. Then I went down to the Crazyhorse to meet the boys for Kevin's bachelor party. There was some commotion at the door at one point, and we found out later that some guy had been shot in the head in the parking lot. After we retreated to the crash house things continued to be just as crazy, just with more booze! I made it home after 4:30, just in time to get a few hours sleep before getting up at 9am Sunday.
I guess I should of called Darie & asked her if 11am really was the deadline to get there. I could of used another 30 minutes to properly wake up and get ready for the hot day in the sun. But I made it to the parade with 4 hours sleep, and just a minute to spare. Then I met everyone and realized I had 2 hours still the parade started. Ohh well, 2 hours spent with really interesting people, several from Chicago, and free fruit & water from the volunteer tent. There are worse ways I could of spent my Sunday morning. UNTIL about 15 minutes before the parade started. That's when the sun finally crested the building that was shielding us. To anyone at the parade who saw me, but I didn't wave back, I'm sorry I missed you. Hopefully we got to see each other in the park. I'm still utterly amazed at how NOT burned I am after being in the Georgia sun for 9 straight hours. SPF48 sunblock rules! Although at this rate, I might actually get a tan this summer. *shock* *gasp!* The festival was wonderful despite the heat, and I still feel spiritually and emotionally rejuvenated from all the wonderful people around me. But I have absolutely spent myself physically in the process. Then I made the mistake of finished up the last bit of gardening from this weekend today. Now, after my neck muscle last week that still isn't right, my body is in desperate need of massage from someone who can take the time to do it right. Are there any volunteers to help me out there? I can offer computer services as reward, or perhaps a movie with the added bonus of my own witty commentary, or some other form of trade. I'd offer to cook, but I'm afraid I am terribly out of practice due to my wonderful roommates.

P.S. If you haven't already, you should Google "Drama Chipmunk" and see what apparently everyone else is talking about.

P.P.S. And this Friday you should get you butts down to the Masquerade for 3 of the best local band around, and a friend from New Orleans. Groovestain, Bastard Suns, The Green Hit, and No Fuego. Tickets are just $5 ahead of time, check their MySpace pages for the link, or msg me.
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Happy first day of Summer Jun. 21st, 2007 @ 04:26 pm
Yay!!! I'm having a wonderful day, and it's a damn shame that all my friends who read my journal were about to get a scoop on all my other friends about it. However, the celestial one just called to talk to me while I was typing. Last night I found the new monitor at NewEgg for my new PC that I'm getting from NewEgg, which means I might as well order both. New desktop for Chris for the win!!! I'm already ahead for the week at work, so I only had 2 Dell customers to see today. I got done nice & early, and visited my dad's house. I got to see my niece & talk to my sister about her new house. I'm sooo proud of my little sis. She found a house that appraised for 100k, but was selling for 70k as a foreclosure. All it needs is some roof work, to fix some leaks, and they can move in. They're also looking for couches and other furniture if anyone has some extra stuff to get rid of. Then I decided to stop by Azteca to satisfy my Turnip Greens & Cilantro addiction. As I was walking in I met Jo at the door. Jo was and still is my all-time favorite bartender. She used to work at Shamrock's by CCSU in Morrow, and she could make the best Long Island you've ever had. She's working at Azteca now, so if you're reading this, and knew her, then be sure to say hello to her. Because you should already be eating at Azteca anyway, right? That's some damn good food! Now that I've had my greens fix, and gotten back home, it's time to celebrate the Summer Solstice in my own special way. I'm going to dig some holes, plant the crape myrtles, save the baby trees from the encroaching bermuda grass, and maybe do something about the lawn if I'm really feeling energetic.

[Edit] Damn it's hot & sunny out! Where's my water?[/Edit]
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What Every American Should Know About Iraq Jun. 19th, 2007 @ 01:50 am

Check it out as soon as you can. If you know me, and every let me get political in the conversation, you probably already know half of this. But to see it all lined up and in a mostly chronological order is stunning to say the least.

NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Jun. 13th, 2007 @ 10:41 am
Television's Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, died today at 89. My day has suddenly gotten a lot darker. Does someone want to do some cool science experiments today in remembrance of childhood joys? I am totally serious, call me.

P.S. David came over last night, and even though he wasn't sure what he was doing all the time, we got the AC unit's coils pulled out and cleaned. Now my house is a chilly 71 degrees.

This amuses me so very much. Jun. 12th, 2007 @ 01:01 am
The other day, Wren was telling me about the new Creation Museum, in Kentucky of course, and it made me just a little sadder to live here. Then today, I read about the scandal with the guy who they hired to play Adam, and everything seems a little bit better.
Other entries
» Wheeeeeeee...
So this weekend was supposed to be the first, and probably last quiet weekend I spend at home for a while. I was going to plant some crape myrtles, and maybe get that weeping willow in the ground. All the while suffering through the 80 degree heat INSIDE my house because the AC is still jacked. One way or another it's going to be fixed this week, and I can start leaving my computer on again, and get back in touch with all of you that I haven't talked to in the past 2 weeks.

Bachelor party squared + baby shower = very tired ChristopherCollapse )

P.S. Check out this amazing photo from Jupiter's moon IO. That volcanic plume you see shooting into space, yes magma at escape velocity, is 200 miles above the moon's surface.
» And now the fun starts...
Many blessing and curses upon whoever invented air conditioning. The blower motor for my car died this weekend. Which wasn't too bad when I was driving around at night, but work Monday and Tuesday was brutal. I could feel the AC compressor was nice and cold, and if I was cruising on the highway with a window down I could force some cold air at myself. But as soon as the car came to a stop it was obvious it wasn't really working. But after 2 days of sweating my ass off between customers houses I finally got the new motor installed. I put it in right there in the O'Reiley's parking lot, and damn did that cold burst of air feel good. And I'm sure the other customers were amused to see me upside down in my passenger seat, with my feet on the ceiling, and my head under the dash.

Also I found out yesterday that the premier of Pirates III isn't just at midnight. They have showings every hour from 8-12 on Thursday. So if we talked about going to the premier, but I haven't called you by 7pm today, then give me a call. Or just call me now if you're going to be busy later. Mike wants to be a purist and go to the midnight showing still, but I'm currently leaning towards the 9 or 10 o'clock showings.
» I love my job!
One of the things I love most about my job is the people I get to meet, and this week has been extra interesting. On Wednesday I met the curator for the Nash Farm Battlefield park. It's on Jonesboro Rd, or S Truett Cathy Hwy, at the edge of Henry and Clayton counties. He said his job is pretty damn boring, and if I ever wanted a tour of the place to just give him a call. He seems like a really nice guy, but probably a little lonely, because he sure had a lot to say while I was there. Then today I met a lady who has a pet deer at her house. And I don't mean a deer that lives in the woods, I mean a deer that lives in her house! Potty trained & everything. I met the deer & she licked my hands & apparently thought my pants tasted good because she wouldn't leave them alone. The lady even had videos of the deer playing with the grandkids on the slip & slide. She also had the most amazing yard & front porch with all kinds of beautiful plants. She told me if I wanted to bring anyone by to see the deer I was more than welcome. I think she was trying to get free computer help/advice/training out of me really, but I don't mind. So if anyone reading this would like a tour of a Civil War battlefield, or would enjoy introducing their kid(s) to a fully house trained deer, I've got the hook-up for you!

P.S. I finally uploaded a couple months worth of pictures to photobucket, so I'll have lots of picture posts to share soon.
» America: Freedom to Fascism
Here's a great little video, "America: Freedom to Fascism" although it is a bit repetitive in some spots to fill in an extra few minutes I think. Or it just sounds repetitive because they keep talking about the same thing, and using the same phrases. The main subject of this documentary is the search for a single answer. " What is the law that requires everyone to pay income tax?" Not only does the government refuse to even point out the exact law that give the IRS the right, but they delve into the Federal Reserve Bank, and America going off the gold standard years ago. A definitely must-view for all my Libertarian friends.

» yummy
Christal said she was making fish with onions, peppers, and cilantro tonight. So I'm a little skeptical, but I'm hungry. Then once it's done and I've got my plate I ask what it is, and find out it's Tilapia. If I'd known that I would of been all over it from the get go. Tilapia just doesn't have that fishy taste, or that smell in the house after it's cooked. Hey wait, do they make tilapia into sushi?
But anyway, for all the other Goddesses & Goddess worshipers out there, I found an interesting article over at the BBC. One of British Telecom's futurologists(how do I get that job?) thinks that "The future is female" He puts this down to the fact that softer-interpersonal skills are becoming more prominent & required in the new service industry. And women He calls is "The care economy" because health care is going to become so much more important since more people are living so much longer. "But nurses' skills are all about being human, by listening and making patients feel better. Machines are not a realistic substitute for child care, elderly care, nursing or other personal services", he says. But when I think back I've kinda been planning on this for years without realizing it. I always knew back in the first few years of college that the computers would be able to take care of themselves soon(about 20 years from then), so I tried to focus on the human element. Which lead me to do a lot of 2 things: Network Security, because there are always people trying to figure out how to do bad things, and training, because the universe can always make a better idiot.. ;)

That's my thought for the night, bonne nuit et bonne chance.
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